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FAQ:Frequent asked questions

- Do you accept cash?

We do not. All payments must be made online through Wix.

-  Will my skin react or break out?

For most, when having a regular routine or products and then switching to something new may cause a minor reactions, But you should always consult with a doctor and/or doing a skin patch test.


-Does your soap contain SLS or SL ?

NO! For those that don't know, SLS & SL are abbreviations for Sodium Laureth Sulfate & Sodium Lauryl. These are synthetic detergents used to creates the foaming/ bubbling in cleaning products. This chemical will strip any skin type of its natural oils, causing inflammation, irritation, itchiness and dry skin.

-How long before I see results?

Majority of our products improve targeted areas within 2 weeks.

- What can I use for hyperpigmentation​?

Try the "Glow Betta" turmeric scrub (Contains lemon juice), for a more simple route go with the Glow Baby Gel wash. Pair with a silicone face scrubber.

- How often should I exfoliate?

You should exfoliate ever other day. No more than 3 times a week. Too much exfoliating could damage, irritate the skin and cause inflammation. 

- What can I use to get rid of acne?

The heal me bar works amazing for acne! We also have the glow bundle and silicone face scrubber or "brush" for deep pore cleansing.

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